Aspen Avionics Launches New Online Learning Course For Its Evolution Pro MAX Series of Flight Displays

Aspen Avionics Evolution Pro MAX 101

The “Pro MAX 101” online learning course provides free in-depth, pilot-friendly information on the use and features of the Evolution Pro MAX series of displays

Oshkosh, WI, July 27, 2021: Today, Aspen Avionics announces it has launched the Evolution Pro MAX 101 online learning course. The course, free to all is a module-based system that offers an easy to navigate user interface and is available on the Aspen Avionics website home page.

The course goes through basic functionality to help people learn how to use the system to streamline their flight operations, then follows an intuitive module-based learning protocol comprised of pre-flight, inflight, approach and shutdown learning segments. Users can revisit any module at any time as a refresher to further familiarize themselves of the Aspen MAX system features and functions.

“Produced by pilots for pilots. Many current Aspen MAX, Aspen legacy display customers and those considering a new Aspen MAX system will benefit from the intuitive nature of the Aspen Avionics Pro MAX 101 learning system. I believe it will help aircraft owners to make an informed decision on the features offered and help them to decide the best solution for them. Our goal is to reduce the learning curve and take the stress out of making a very important decision associated with learning a new avionics system,” said Perri Coyne, director of marketing operations.

The Pro MAX 101 learning module is hosted by James Buck, director of flight operations for Aspen Avionics who has flight-tested all Aspen Avionics products since 2013. James is a retired Marine aviator and flies a Cirrus SR22 fully equipped with the new Pro MAX 2500 display system.

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