Aspen Celebrates Five Years of the Evolution E5 – Rolls back to 2018 introductory prices

Albuquerque, NM, May 4, 2023: To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the initial certification and shipment of the Evolution E5, Aspen Avionics today announces it is rolling back the pricing of the low-cost, highly capable primary flight display by $1,000 to just $4,995. Introduced in 2018 as electronic flight instrument (EFI), the E5 has gone through number of improvements including modifying the certification to a TSO’d Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) with full HSI with the option of adding advanced features for just $495. The advanced features software includes true airspeed, outside air temperature, wind direction and speed, and WAAS GPS mode annunciations.

The E5 is unique in that it does not require dealer installation and can be sold over the counter to consumers by Aspen Avionics authorized dealers and aviation retailers. Additionally, unlike many other display options on the market it can be traded in at any time in exchange for the top-of-the-line Aspen Evolution Pro MAX display system for only $4,495 which includes the required Remote Sensor Module (RSM) with GPS. The upgrade to the Evolution Pro MAX can be done with no impact to the existing panel layout with minimal wiring changes depending on the other installed avionics.

“Like all Aspen displays, the Evolution E5 is configurable, upgradeable, and affordable. In contrast to many other standalone systems, Aspen’s versatile design and open architecture allow features to be easily configured to specific flight needs with the opportunity to add additional options without unit replacement,” said Mark Ferrari, vice president of sales and customer support.

The baseline Evolution E5 consolidates attitude indicator plus HSI into a single display with a rechargeable backup battery. It also includes Global Position System Steering (GPSS), air data computer and attitude heading reference system (ADAHRS). The installation of the Evolution E5 will also enable owners to remove their vacuum system and does not require backup attitude.


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