Is the future upon us? Jaunt in Quebec with Vertiko Mobilité ( Interview in Aviation Magazine )( French )

eVTOL Is it the future - Aviation Magazine interview Quebec French

Aviation Magazine interviews M. Eric Cote, president of Jaunt Air Mobility Canada

aviation magazine interview Eric Cote Jaunt Air Mobility Canada
We are very happy with this collaboration with Vertiko Mobility. The company has ordered 70 electric aircraft (eVTOL) and aims to put these devices into operation in six heliports in the greater Montreal area. During the three next few years, we will carry out pilot projects, develop our network and validate several hypotheses. The positioning of Quebec as an aeronautical leader is recognized. With the arrival of players like Taiga Motors for the snowmobile and electric Lion for buses, Quebec will become a center of excellence for electric propulsion. It was therefore normal for us to settle in Quebec.