AIRO Mergers Complete and Company Aligned as Preeminent Mid-Market Aerospace and Defense Company

The AIRO Group eVTOL

EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, WI, July 26, 2022:  AIRO Group Holdings, Inc. (AIRO) has successfully completed the mergers of six well-aligned global aerospace firms to form a cohesive mid-market aerospace and defense company. AIRO is advancing an ecosystem of aerospace technologies and operational capabilities built with an expertise of successful certification and a proven track record of safety and efficiency.

Under the leadership of industry veteran CEO, Joe Burns, AIRO has aligned its business into four divisions that complete its aerospace and defense offering; Advanced Avionics, Electric Air Mobility, Commercial Drones, and Training. With well-known brands like Aspen Avionics and Jaunt Air Mobility, AIRO is leveraging its core business successes to launch its global portfolio.

AIRO’s four divisions focus on critical elements of the future aerospace and defense market construct that will bring autonomy, artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced operations to mainstream commercial and military marketplaces.

AIRO’s Advanced Avionics division, with the notable brand Aspen Avionics, has built a strong presence in general and business aviation through its focus on world-class capabilities and a service organization that puts both the current and future needs of its customers first. Building on this experience of certified avionics across numerous platforms, the Advanced Avionics division will lead the industry into the safe, efficient and integrated world of autonomous aviation, and will work cohesively with AIRO’s other three divisions to accelerate certification of Electric Air Mobility solutions for decades to come.  Jaunt Journey aircraft is working with Transport Canada toward certification under Chapter 529:  Transport Category Rotorcraft.

AIRO’s Electric Air Mobility division is leading with its Jaunt Journey aircraft and is working with Transport Canada towards certification under Chapter 529: Transport Category Rotorcraft. -With nearly 300 flight hours and well over 1000 takeoffs and landings, Journey’s Slowed Rotor Compound technology is the safest and quietest eVTOL in certification.

 Operators are looking for a pedigree of certification and safety as well as robust, dynamic capabilities, efficiencies, and quiet operations,” says AIRO CEO, Joe Burns. “AIRO is proud to have received numerous pre-orders as well as multiple US DoD contracts aimed at optimizing eVTOL speed and minimizing acoustic signatures for quiet operations.  Aircraft certification is driven out of AIRO's Electric Mobility Office in Montreal, and the certification will be validated through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) shortly thereafter,” concludes Burns.

AIRO’s Training division is building on its decades of military and civilian specialized training operations, from ab-initio pilot instruction to adversary air and close air support missions. The Training division will support filling the enormous gaps in civil pilot availability and at the same time, bring a curriculum that bridges the divide between uncrewed, minimally crewed, and crewed aviation.

AIRO’s Commercial Drones division is leading the global military and civilian drone markets with advanced AI capabilities, autonomous operations, and BVLOS special mission use. With a dual focus on military and civilian applications, AIRO is growing its diversified business through advancements in defensive posture operations, such as its current work in Ukraine, specialized sensor payloads and close-quarter/GPS denied environment work with numerous commercial clients.

With strong capital backing of the unified company, a significant book of existing business, and strong pull from its core global market sectors, AIRO has its sights set on accelerated growth via key acquisitions across all divisions.

AIRO’s Executive Chairman, Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria remarks, “The attractiveness of AIRO is based on four key factors; 1) the strength of the brands and existing orders and contracts, 2) a diversified yet synergistic portfolio that is already proving its robustness with AIRO’s support of drone technologies in Ukraine as commercial drone operations continue to recover from a downtown during the height of the pandemic, 3) a training division that is participating in the $249 million and $6.40 billion U.S. military contracts to provide Close Air Support, Intelligence, Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Adversary Air training, which will drive significant revenue and profit growth, and 4) a management team with significant experience and global successes that span an evolving defense and aerospace marketplace that’s changed significantly over the last four decades.”

The AIRO Group (AIRO) is a privately-held mid-market aerospace and defense company with offices in the US, Canada and the EU, providing innovative, industry-leading products and services via its four synergistic divisions: Advanced Avionics, Electric Air Mobility, Commercial Drones, and Training. AIRO is led by aerospace and defense industry veterans including CEO, Joe Burns and COO and President, John Uczekaj.